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Weight Of Money (WOM) is an indicator on a Betting Exchange which shows how much money on the Back or Lay side is waiting to be matched (i.e. Odds offered by Lay bets or accepted by backers). It can be used to predict whether prices (Odds) will rise or fall.

If there are more Back bets waiting to be matched then Odds are likely to reduce. If there are more Lay bets that are not yet matched, the Odds are likely to increase.

Weight Of Money is essentially a leading supply/demand barometer which can be used to predict the direction of odds on betting exchanges.
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Contributed by: Ralph Windsor



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The Weight of Money In Sports Markets

Betfair.com article with an overview of Weight of Money and a description of how to assess it on Betfair's own sports trading platform.

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Weight of Money

Explanatory article from Betfair Pro Trader describing Weight of Money (WOM) in more detail.

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